Does Renda.io replace SAP API Manager?2022-10-03T11:35:04+01:00

No, the services provided in Renda.io complement SAP APIs.

When building an app using Microservices you will consider where to host the app, rather than assume it will be hosting on the SAP Cloud.

The app can consume services within the SAP universe or externally-provided services.

Does the service stop when I reach a usage threshold?2021-02-06T12:12:28+00:00

No the service does not stop when you move between pricing tiers, or when you hit a credit threshold.

The credit threshold triggers an automatic invoice.

The service will only be stopped if we are unable to collect payment.

Do you charge by data: E.g. do small PDF renders cost the same as large PDFs?2021-02-06T12:10:42+00:00

At this time we do not charge by data.

In the future we may take data into account as well as the number of API calls.  We will inform customers in advance about any change to the pricing model.

Is there an annual subscription charge?2021-02-06T12:09:12+00:00

No, there is no annual subscription charge. With Renda.io you pay-as-you-go.

How will I be billed?2021-02-06T12:07:37+00:00

You will be billed based on your usage, either monthly or when you reach a credit threshold

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